Pure, untouched mineral water from the heart of the Matakana Coast

With spectacular beaches, clear waters, ancient native forests and abundant marine and bird life, the Matakana Coast is a treasured slice of New Zealand paradise we’re proud to call home.


Matakana Water is drawn from a single source on our family-owned estate, in the heart of the Matakana region and near the banks of the mighty Mahurangi River. It takes 150 years for our water to filter down to a confined artesian sandstone aquifer 170 metres beneath the earth, where it is infused with a high level of alkaline, naturally occurring electrolytes and а minerals. Matakana Water is UV (Ultra Violet Light) treated with a certified NSF/ANSI Hallett system and tested monthly to ensure that only the best quality is delivered.

The result is water in its purest form. Soft, intensely hydrating, revitalising, and with an incredible clean, fresh taste. With an alkaline pH of 8.9, Matakana Water contains many essential minerals for optimum health and wellbeing. No additives or preservatives and no chemical treatment.

Our mission is to share this miraculous natural resource in a way that benefits the whole community. We offer a limited daily supply, exclusively to residential and commercial properties within the Matakana region, delivered direct from the source to your tank. Limited emergency deliveries are available.

And for every 10,000L truckload we deliver, we donate $40 to a local charity, community group or school of your choice. It’s our way of giving thanks for this incredible natural resource that was passed to us, with our land.

Matakana Water is an approved Water Source and a registered Water Carrier. Our water is regularly tested and our system carefully maintained, to ensure it is of optimum quality and safe to drink.

If you operate a boutique brewery, or food or beverage manufacturing business, or you’re hosting a wedding, festival or event this summer. we would love to hear from you. Please contact us hello@matakanawater.co.nz, to discuss your commercial water needs.

Our business philosophy rests on 3 core principles


We are kaitiaki of a precious resource and have a responsibility to share this extraordinary waler in the best way we can. We work in harmony with nature, using no chemicals or preservatives and drawing only a limited amount from our aquifer each season.

Care for the environment

We strive to tread lightly on the earth, so that’s why we deliver only within a small geographical area, the Matakana region. We don’t sell our water in plastic bottles, boxes or pouches – we deliver direct from the source to your tank. If there’s any water left in the truck on your tank is full, we’ll fill up buckets, or water your garden with the excess. You can also bring your own bottles and fill up at our community tap.

Giving back

Because our market is so local, we don’t need expensive advertising campaigns – we’d rather invest in you, our community. That’s why we gift $40 per 11,500L order, to a local charity or community group of your choice. In our first season, we donated over $6000 to local schools, clubs and emergency services. (And if you don’t know which group to choose, we’ll choose for you to make sure no group goes without.)

Sometimes the best discoveries happen by chance
Sometimes life’s gifts are meant to be shared

We’re Jasmine and Nick, founders of Matakana Water.

We didn’t plan on moving to the country or starting a mineral water delivery company, until we stumbled across an historic villa nestled in a secluded valley and knew instantly we’d found our home. The land had pockets of native bush running down to the Mahurangi River, the remnants of what was once New Zealand’s largest apple orchard and 170m beneath our feet, an aquifer of the purest, untouched mineral water.

It takes more than 150 years for rain water to filter down through the sandstone, gathering essential minerals, dissolved salts and naturally occurring electrolytes along the way. The result is water in its purest form, silky soft, highly alkaline and intensely hydrating.

The more we learned about the extraordinary, untouched water beneath our land, the more we felt our responsibility as kaitiaki or guardians of this taonga, this precious resource.

And that’s how Matakana Water was born.

We deliver the purest mineral water, direct from the source to your kitchen tap. No added chemicals, no preservatives and no plastic waste. You can also fill up your own bottles at our community tap or book a mini tank and stand for your plastic free event.

We believe in the saying ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

If you like what we stand for, why not book your water delivery today?

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