I have run out of water, does Matakana Water deliver same day Express loads of water? 

  • Yes, we do. We have limited Express loads of water available if you have run out and you need water immediately. You can select an Express load online. If that’s already sold, please phone us to see how we can help on 021 2233 604.
  • You can also fill up bottles at our community tap on Duck Creek Road. The tap operates on an honesty box system, just follow the instructions at the tap.

What is the difference between a Standard and Express load?

  • A Standard load will place you in a queue and you will get an estimated delivery date that varies with the length of the ASAP orders queue. Sometimes our deliveries are backed up for weeks. An Express load delivery delivers on the same day you order for a slightly higher fee. There are limited daily slots available, coming on-line 7 a.m. daily. If they are sold the item will display ‘Out of Stock’ … If so, if you ring us, we may be able to get you a load on that day, depending on how our days orders are going.

How much does a load of Matakana Waters cost?

  • Our 10,000 Litre Standard Load starts at $230, additional delivery charges may apply, depending on how far we have to travel. Daily Express Loads are also available. To get a quote, please enter your address and follow the online booking process.

How much water does Matakana Water deliver?

  • We can deliver a minimum of 10,000 litres to your tank, which is just under half of a standard home water tank. You can select your preferred amount of water when ordering online.

What happens if I ordered water and you deliver, but I don’t need the water?

  • Often you may think you need water, but your pump has failed, or a leak has emptied your tank. Once we arrive at your property with a load, you will be charged for it whether we can unload it into your tank or not. The onus is on you to make sure you need the water and have room in a leak-free tank to accept it. Should you find the pump is at fault, or you have a leak and can’t take the water, you must give us notice before we deliver it to you. Similarly, if rain has filled your tank after you order and before delivery, you must notify us if you don’t need the load. Should you suddenly find you have no water from your taps, you should first check your pump is functioning, and check the level of water in your tank. If it appears you have an empty tank, but you don’t believe you have used that much water, you should make sure there is not a leak. We will ring before delivery to confirm you need delivery, we don’t deliver until we speak with you to confirm. You need to be sure you can take the water and it’s not a faulty pump or leak before you confirm.

Where is your community tap?

  • Our community tap is opposite our property at 11 Duck Creek Road, Matakana. The community tap operates on an honesty box system. Online payments are available.

What areas does Matakana Water deliver to?

  • We deliver around the Matakana Region including Matakana, Omaha, Point Wells, Warkworth, Snell’s Beach, Whangateau, Algies Bay, Sandspit, Mahurangi East, Tawharanui, Leigh, Ti Point, Matheson Bay, Mahurangi West and Pakiri. We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, in part by keeping our delivery circle tight. We may be able to deliver further if you ring us for a quote.

How do I order?

  • On the home page of the website, enter your delivery address. Google will recognise valid addresses. Select your address on the dropdown. If you are within our delivery area, you gain access to the ordering process. If you are outside our delivery area, you can call us on 0212233604 and we may be able to quote you on a special delivery if you are close enough.

How do I pay?

  • Once you have selected a load and filled out the details page online, you will come to a payment portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards, Internet Banking, and are certified for WINZ payments.

Can I pay on the phone or with cash?

  • Ordering online helps to ensure a smooth delivery experience, as you will be able to pinpoint your tank location on Google maps. It also helps to keep our costs down, so we can continue to pass on a portion of the proceeds to local charities and community groups. Should you be unable to order online, we can take your order and payment by phone or you can make a special request to pay cash on delivery and we will issue a receipt. We do not offer discounts for cash.

Does Matakana Water offer future Bookings?

  • Yes, we do, you can select your preferred future date during the online booking on the ‘Your Details’ page.

Can I cancel a delivery and get a refund?

  • Yes. We understand that life gets busy, things can change and rain can fill your water tank unexpectedly. Once you have made an order, you can postpone for free, or cancel your delivery for a full refund, so long as we are not on our way to deliver your water. Prior to any deliveries we will contact you for confirmation. If we can not contact you or the alternative contact, then we will not deliver until we can confirm a suitable time with you. Feel free to call us now on 021 2233 604 and we can check availability for you.

I only need half a load, can I get a part load and give the rest to my neighbour?

  • We can deliver any amount of water up to 10,000 litres per load. You must pay for a full load even if it’s only a half load that you receive because of the time and distance we have travelled. Should you be unable to take a full load in one tank, we will put more in a secondary tank or pool provided it is on the same property and next to the other tank. If you have a separate tank in another location this will cost more, as our driver will need to unload and set up the hoses and pack up the truck twice. Please ask for a quote for a split load in different locations.

How far can the hoses reach?

  • We carry over 100 metres of hose.

How long does it take to put a load of Matakana Water in out tank?

  • Once we arrive on your property it will take us about 10 minutes to put 10,000 litres into your tank and 10 minutes to set up and pack up.

Where is Matakana Water located and where does Matakana Water come from?

  • We are located on Duck Creek Road centred between Matakana, Omaha, Warkworth and Mahurangi East. We source our own approved mineral water from an aquifer beneath our family-owned land. Jasmine and Nick own Matakana Water. Richard manages Matakana Water. We have various drivers, but Nick and his brother Jarred are the main drivers. We currently have 1 water truck.

Who pays for the $40 donation to charity

  • Matakana Water donates $40 to the Charity that you select during the ordering process. This does not cost you any extra and is paid by Matakana Water to support local community organisations. A list of organisations can be viewed at

How often should we clean our tanks?

  • It is recommended to clean drinking water tanks at least once every year. If we notice that your tank needs a clean we will let you know. Here are 2 different approaches for cleaning tanks.
    • Option 1. Steve from Safe H20 Tank Cleaning will leave the water in your tank. First the sediment gets vacuumed out from the bottom while it’s full. The water is then nano filtered, which removes anything detrimental to your health from the water.  In addition, a small dose of hydrogen peroxide is added to kill all bacteria (targeting the lines going into your house) as the filtered water is returned back to the tank.  Through this you retain around 90% of your water. This method does not require anyone to get into the tank and they will notify you of any tank repairs needed and will ensure that your pump is operating and you have clean running water. Call H20 Tank Cleaning 0272766950 and mention that Matakana Water referred you. The cost is about $400 + GST subject to a quote. * Please note that Matakana Water is not associated with this company and does not take any commission *
    • Option 2. Kylie & Karl from Mobi-Kair empty your tank and get inside to water blast, clean and vacuum it. Mobi-Kair will call us and we will deliver a load of clean Matakana Water while Mobi-Kair are still on site. Mobi-Kair work to make sure you have clean running water and your pump is primed and operating before they leave your property. This is all done within about 2 – 4 hours depending on how many tanks and what repairs may be needed. Mobi-Kair will also inspect your tank and any repairs can be done at the same time. Call Mobi-Kair 02102395582 and mention that Matakana Water referred you. The cost is about $300 + GST and any repairs subject to a quote, plus the cost of a Matakana Water delivery. Please remember to book your load of Matakana Water online and let us know in the notes that it is for a tank clean so we can contact Mobi-Kair to ensure that your water is delivered straight after the clean.  * Please note that Matakana Water is not associated with this company and does not take any commission *

Who can repair leaks, replace my water filters and do plumbing Work?

  • Steve and the team at Aqua Works are locally based and specialise in water treatment and filtration. They have certified plumbers and electricians in-house, so can competently and professionally fix leaks, replace water filters and sort any plumbing issues. Sometimes after a tank is totally empty issues can arise with airlocks and turbid/dirty water in the house. Airlocks can trigger leaks as they often result in higher water pressures in the pipework and the occasional leak. Aqua Works based in Warkworth runs a mobile service to sort out water pump issues quickly. They can bleed or prime the lines and test to ensure the pump is working correctly. Each service vehicle is equipped with spare parts and full pump replacements if required so they can get you sorted and the water back on in one visit. They have become experts in sorting the little nuances that often plague pumps, especially if a tank has been run dry. Call Steve and the team on 0800 278 288 or 09 425 60 80 or visit

Who can install water tanks and septic tanks?

  • If you need to buy either a water tank or septic system and have it installed in our area, Lucas Joblin at Coastal Plumbing can help you. You can contact Lucas on 0276061868 or visit

Is Matakana Water registered and approved for drinking?

  • Matakana Water is an approved water source, and we are registered water carriers. Our systems are maintained and tested as per the regulations. We do not add any chemicals.  You can learn more visiting