‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’

At Matakana Water, we see ourselves as guardians of a precious resource

This pure, untouched water was a gift passed to us with our land, so our mission is to share this miraculous resource in a way that benefits the whole community.
That’s why we choose to share the proceeds of our water sales with local groups and charities serving our community. For every 10,000L truckload delivered, we gift $40 to a local charity, community group or school of your choice. And if you don’t know who to choose, we’ll happily choose for you to make sure no group goes without.

To date we have donated $18,920 and our long term goal is to donate $100,000 to our community and you can help us get there.

Here are some of the groups our customers have chosen to support:

When you place an order you will be prompted to select your chosen group when you select your delivery quantity.
If you represent a charity or community group and would like to be added to our list, please get in touch on the button below Thank you for your support.