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You have been delivered pure Matakana Water, drawn from our private 170-metre-deep confined sandstone aquifer at 11 Duck Creek Road. Our trucks are registered water carriers, and our water source is approved. We maintain and test our water and our truck on a monthly basis. Our water is of a very high quality and is not required to be treated with chlorine or fluoride. Aquaworks Warkworth maintain our system and Safe H20 Tank Cleaning clean our holding tanks. Our water is UV treated. Please let your water settle for 3 to 4 hours after a water delivery before drinking or cooking, as the pressure of the water entering your tanks can disturb sediment on the bottom of the tank.

General water safety and maintenance

Contamination from roof water can cause illness that can be particularly dangerous, especially for infants, elderly people or people with damaged immune systems. To prevent contamination of the tank, install a gutter mesh and cover the tank openings to prevent animals, birds or other matter from entering. Roof areas should be kept clear of overhanging vegetation to prevent leaves and debris falling onto the roof and to help prevent rodents, cats and possums having access to the roof or to allow birds to roost nearby. Tanks should be inspected annually and cleaned, if necessary, but tank cleaning should ideally be carried out by a tank cleaning contractor. If we notice your tank needs a clean or repair, we will let you know.

We recommend the following plumbers, tank cleaning and repair companies:

Safe H20 Tank Cleaning:

Steve will leave the water in your tank. First, the sediment is vacuumed out from the bottom of the tank, while the tank is full. The water is then nano filtered, which removes anything detrimental to your health from the water. In addition, a small dose of hydrogen peroxide is added to kill all bacteria (targeting the lines going into your house), as the filtered water is returned back to the tank. This method allows you to retain around 90% of your water and does not require anyone to get into the tank. They will notify you of any tank repairs needed and will ensure that your pump is operating and you have clean running water. Call H20 Tank Cleaning 0272766950 and mention that Matakana Water referred you. The cost is about $400 + GST, subject to a quote.


Kylie & Karl will empty your tank and get inside to water blast, clean and vacuum it. Mobi-Kair will call us and we will deliver a load of clean Matakana Water while Mobi-Kair are still on site. Matakana Water and Mobi-Kair work together to make sure you have clean running water and your pump is primed and operating before we leave your property. This is all done within about 2 to 4 hours depending on how many tanks and what repairs may be needed. Mobi-Kair will also inspect your tank and any repairs can be done at the same time. Call Mobi-Kair 02102395582 and mention that Matakana Water referred you. The cost is about $300 + GST and any repairs, subject to a quote, plus the cost of a Matakana Water delivery. Please remember to book your load of Matakana Water online and let us know in the notes that it is for a tank clean so we can contact Mobi-Kair to ensure that your water is delivered straight after the clean.

Aqua Works Warkworth:

Plumbing and water pumps. Steve and the team at are locally based and specialise in water treatment and filtration. They have certified plumbers and electricians in-house so can competently and professionally fix leaks, replace water filters and sort any plumbing issues. Sometimes after a tank is totally empty, issues can arise with airlocks and turbid/dirty water in the house. Airlocks can trigger leaks as they often result in higher water pressures in the pipework resulting in the occasional leak. Call 0800 278 288 or 09 425 6080 to book a tech, or visit

Please note that Matakana Water is not associated with these companies and does not take any commission.
Further information can be found in the Ministry of Health publication Water Collection Tanks and Safe Household Water, (Code: 10148) or contact your local council or public health unit.