Matakana Water can supply 500 litre water tanks and water stands for such events as weddings, festivals, marathons or for any emergency situations, servicing the Matakana Region and North Auckland.

We will deliver the tanks and fill them with Matakana water. Each 500 litre tank is on a stand with two taps ideal for filling bottles. Our Matakana Water sign boards connect to the water tanks and have two taps and a hand sanitiser pump supplied with each stand. Please note that our tank lids are locked and only Matakana Water is to be used in these tanks and sign boards. We can refill the tanks for you on request for $100 for up to 3 tanks.


Our 500 litre water tank comes filled with water with it’s own support stand and is suitable for any situation where you need pristine drinking water. It may be an emergency situation where you need water for the short term, or for any event you may be hosting … weddings, festivals, marathons and more.

500 litre water tank and stand with 2 taps
$300 refundable bond per tank and stand
$100 delivered with a full load of water per tank
$5 per day rental of tank
$100 per re-fill for up to 3 full 500 litre tanks

We deliver the tank(s) to you, and fill the tanks(s) with pristine Matakana Water. Should you require refills, we will come out and fill up to 3 tanks for $100. If you hire a tank with stand and a sign board, we include the sign board for free! (there is a returnable bond applying to the sign boards)


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The Sign Board with two taps is ideal to advertise water for free at your festivals, weddings, gatherings of any kind, any event where you would like your thirsty guests to be aware you have pristine water available for their consumption. As well there is a hand sanitiser dispenser for the use of your guests or clients.

Matakana Water Sign Board with 2 taps and hand sanitiser dispenser.
$0 Free when hiring a tank and stand.
$300 bond per sign board.

If you are interested, contact us on the button below and tell us your requirements, we would love to hear from you!


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